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Choose, store and prepare foods

These short practical videos have been developed to help you to choose, store and prepare foods if you or a family member or friend has a food allergy.

Food allergy occurs in around 10% of infants, 4-8% of children aged up to 5 years and 2-3% of adults. 90% of food reactions are caused by nine allergens: peanut, tree nuts, egg, cow’s milk products (dairy), sesame, shellfish, fish, soy and wheat. However any food has the potential to cause an allergic reaction. There is no cure for food allergy – therefore avoidance of the food is essential to prevent reactions.

This video series is designed to help you reduce the risk if you or a family member or friend has a food allergy. 

For more information go to the Food Allergy Education website.  

Food storage

Food preparation

Food labels